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Dear Audiologist,

Are you looking for a new position in your line of work but are experiencing frustration with the task before you?

We understand exactly what you are going through. After all, you’ve got years of experience, terrific recommendations, impressive references and an awesome CV. Employers should be wise enough to snatch you at a moment’s notice but they don’t seem to be.

Please do not be disheartened and, by all means, do not blame yourself because you are doing nothing wrong. The problem here lies in the system which has become unreasonably cumbersome and extraordinarily competitive.

That is the reason we at Audiology Jobs are here — to help professionals just like you find the new positions they are striving for. We have the expertise and the know-how to wade through the murky waters of human resourcing and always remain afloat.

How do we do it?

Audiology Jobs have a team of human resourcing experts who specialise in matching talented audiologists with vacant positions in the diverse field of audiology. Furthermore, we have direct access to virtually hundreds of Audiology Department Heads who are decision makers for both permanent and locum audiology jobs for their respective services.

We have already placed hundreds of qualified Audiologists with highly reputable NHS departments, hearing aid manufacturers and private dispensers and we would like to do the same for you.

Where are all those hospitals and employers and where are the audiologist jobs they are seeking to fill?

The hospitals and clients we work with are scattered throughout the United Kingdom as are the audiology job vacancies. Depending on your geographic preference, we will match you with audiology vacancies in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland.

Are the salaries offered by your recruiters competitive?

Rest assured that we at Audiology Jobs will place you in a position that offers the best rates in the industry. You can count on it!

How quickly can you begin working with me?

We will begin working with you as soon as you register with us at Audiologist Registration and forward your CV. Immediate action will be taken and expect to be emailed / called within a couple of days.

Besides landing you in a terrific new job, registering with Audiology Jobs entitles you to receive weekly Audiology Alerts that will keep you informed and up-to-date about what is new and interesting in the science of audiology and its associated industry and how to tap into them.

Do not sell yourself short, become part of UKs most powerful network of audiologists at

All the best,

The Audiology Jobs Team

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