Video Clip: The Hair Cell Boogie

This clip is amazingly old. However I found it most interesting.
It was recorded back in 1987! by Professor Jonathan Ashmore.

If possible listen the clip WITH SOUND.  To view click on: Rock Around The Clock Hair Cell Video

According to the lab:
The movie shows an outer  hair cell which has been patch clamped using a whole cell recording pipette at its basal end. This allows the membrane potential of the cell to be varied. The low frequency envelope of RatC is played into the stimulus input socket of the patch amplifier, with a peak-to-peak amplitude of about 100 mV. The hair cell changes length Рbut at constant volume Рbecause it has a motor molecule in the membrane along the cell sides which responds to membrane voltage by changing area. For more information about this see the other publications from this lab.

“The worlds most unusual rock video” (Radio Times, August 13, 1987)
You all know the tune. It’s Bill Haley and the Comets in 1956.

The clip was originally made for a BBC programme, “Ear We Go” one Saturday morning in July, 1987 and broadcast in August 1987. I still have the hole in my apparatus to show where the camera went… The Bill Haley tune was out of copyright, so the BBC (never one for Titanic-style expenditure) liked that. There was no performance fee. It has made a number of other guest appearances in programmes since then. Although there have been many imitations, this is the original version!

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