Analogue to digital not always the answer

Take Mrs Morris for instance. She is severely hearing impaired and when I saw her the first time; she was in dire straights about “these terrible new hearing aids” she was given a week ago.

She came to us without an appointment (and continues to do so to this day); anyways she was literally at breaking point. To resolve the situation one of my colleagues kindly fitted her with digital aids since her antique analogue hearing aids packed up. But dealing with a new hearing aid with different switches and sounds was almost like asking this lady to move abroad to a country where they speak a funny language!

So when I saw her I switched it back to 37’s which made her as happy as Larry. In fact, this minor act moved her to tears of happiness this time and she proceeded to pay me five pounds! Clearly this has been her whole allowance for the week and she refused to take it back.

Since then I have seen Mrs Morris regularly. She wrote my name on a serviette that she keeps, folded up neatly, in her purse and she hugs and kisses me upon greeting every time. And she states so profusely that I am her very best friend because I helped her to hear!

Dezi Belle

Names used was changed for data protection.

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