Repair Clinic Champs

After operating walk-in repair clinics where the shear numbers of patients resulted in a wealth of problems and unpleasant complaints, we are now operating booked Repair Clinics. This means a more organised system, significantly reducing the waiting time on the day of the clinic and eliminating the disappointment for patients being shown away. However, the 15 min slots remain very hectic even for an experienced audiologist. And even with the help of volunteers to whom one can pass patients for re-tubing etc, it remains very challenging and tiring most of the time.

Over running on any one patient can be catastrophic and so one has to be fast and accurate (at identifying the problem and solving it) yet empathic and patient!

It is however inevitable that you will have one or more of the following scenario’s on each clinic:

  1. A patients who experience every possible problem in the book at once; needs replacement hearing aids, needs impressions, needs adjustments……
  2. A very slow moving patient who takes up to 10 minutes alone to walk to the consulting room
  3. A patient who changes his mind at the very last minute. Just as he is about to leave he says: “I think I will would like to go ahead with your suggestion for a second hearing aid after all, please take that impression”
  4. You open the Corda suitcase the wrong way around and the contents spill over the floor!
  5. A very talkative patient who love to be around some willing ears
  6. A very inquisitive, engineer-like patient who wants to know every possible technical detail and questions every treatment or adjustments to the tee
  7. A repair clinic “regular”; who comes every other week and really only want some TLC and attention and with whom you cant be rushed no matter what
  8. The computer or NOAH crashes
  9. The fire alarm goes off which delays your treatment with several valuable minutes as no-one can hear above the noise!

It is therefore understandable that I aptly call the Audiologists who braves these clinics: Champions of the Deaf!

Dezi Belle

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