The “Not-so-pleasant” patients

Fortunately it doesn’t happen regularly but as an audiologist one occasionally sees the “not-so-pleasant” patients as was the case last week whilst I was covering an ENT clinic. When I called Mr R in the waiting room, he was talking with a raised voice on his mobile phone despite a huge sign opposite him requesting no mobile phone usage in that area. As this is always an extremely busy ENT clinic, the waiting room was jammed pack with patients and there was already a pile of files waiting for audio’s to be done. Mr R waved me off with his hand (indicating he has actually heard me) but proceeded to finish his conversation first!When Mr R eventually followed me to the soundproof booth, he didn’t bother to apologise for his rude behaviour but instead pointed out how small the room is (Mr R is extremely over weight). He also chewed incessantly on gum in a very unpleasant manner, appeared bored with the instructions I gave and hardly made eye contact. He then asked whether the test will take long because he is in fact in a hurry!

Goodness me, I thought when he left, hoping he was just having a bad day rather than actually being rude like that every day. If however the latter is true, he is a very sad case indeed!

Dezi Belle

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