Having James Bond for a reassessment

One of the delights of an Audiologist is the fact that one meets very interesting characters from time to time.

I had the pleasure of seeing Mr Bond earlier this week for a hearing reassessment. He told me he is a Greek Linguist and works as a translator for the Ministry of Defence. He speaks no less than eight languages and though far past retirement age, still works three days a week and loves his job. Even more remarkable, is the fact that Mr Bond has a severe hearing loss in both ears! His thresholds are on average 70dB and he has air-bone gaps of between 20 and 40dB. Yet he could imitate my accent and intonation absolutely spot-on. When I commented on how amazing this is, he humbly replied: “I love languages dear, it comes easily for me”. Working for MI6 I enquired about interesting cases he might have dealt with but he assured me he is no James Bond and only does office work. I on the other hand, choose to believe he is an under cover agent translating spy documents on the forefront of combating terrorism. You never know!

Dezi Belle

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