The highlight of Audiometry comments

Testing peoples’ hearing is never mundane as proved by the following, priceless incidents:

When giving the instructions for masking, I always say to the patient: “You might hear some wind blowing in your other now. Just ignore it completely and only press the button when you hear the beeps” after which this lady quickly responded: “O, much like I have to do with my husband then!”

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Another lady who was visibly stressed by having to concentrate so hard to hear the tones pointed out: “Dear, I’m afraid my teeth clatter too much, I can’t hear those sounds” Thankfully she didn’t remove them to continue the test!

And then there was the lady who asked where she could undress when she entered the booth. Puzzled I asked why she wanted to do that and she replied: “Well the doctor sent me for a urine test” and when I explained he said hearing test, she laughed loudly saying that’s probably why he sent her then!

Dezi Bell

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