Graduate Audiology Jobs

Being a graduate audiologist in 2009 you’ll be facing one of the toughest economic periods to enter the jobs market. BUT there is hope! Let me explain;

You’re at the beginning of your career with potentially more options at this stage of your career than later on the ladder. Every year a substantial portion of graduates takes the plunge and “take a break” or even do a “gap-year” abroad, some will follow the academic route, others may take up research and advance the knowledge field of audiology, the majority will take permanent or locum audiology jobs in public sector / NHS and a few will take up the private sector route.

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It boils down to options. You have a lot even though all may not be feasible at this point in time. Think them over, be open minded, consider your 40 year career plan ahead, the different phases and what will be you’re the initial best move and then… take that big step.

Regardless of your choice, we’re here to help and here to talk to. Should you consider taking up a perm or locum audiology job send us your CV by clicking here.

All the best!

The Audio Team

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