This morning I saw Ms Brown on a follow-up appointment. She has a mild to moderate sensory-neural hearing loss and has been fitted with digital aids binaural a year ago. From the notes it appeared that Mr P was not keen to have the hearing aids and the previous appointment was marked with stress and anger between patient and audiologist.
Today Ms Brown was complaining she can’t hear well with the aids and that it doesn’t seem helpful at all. On close examination it appeared that she doesn’t have the ear mould in properly and I instructed her again how to do this correctly.
While I was reprogramming her aids, I broached the subject of realistic expectations and that sparked her underlying emotions. She exploded in anger shouting she is NOT stupid and off course she doesn’t expect it to restore her hearing. Fortunately I have been through such scenarios before and I calmly held my tongue and had her vent her anger. She eventually burst into tears. Initially just sobbing without words and later finally admitting she finds her deafness a tremendous struggle.

This reminded me how important our role as counsellors, are and that we need to equip ourselves in Hearing Loss Counselling that enables patients to identify their difficulties. As in bereavement, a hearing loss may involve the process of grief, denial and anger before final acceptance. It is important for us to give our patients support.

When Ms Brown left unfortunately I could still feel her antagonism but appreciated that for her, it may be a long process of acceptance.

Until next time,

Dezi Belle

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