NHS job cuts

With Gordon Brown saying he is going to protect the NHS and the next moment he uses taxpayer money paying management consultants to tell them… oh you have to cut 10% of the NHS staff, this advice does not seem like good advice according to Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley MP.

To read more have a look at the following two links. The first commenting on the outcome of the study:

and the second on Ministers rule out NHS job cuts:

Job Cuts

In short the study concludes:

The NHS would need to slash its workforce by around 10% to help meet planned savings of £20 billion, it has been reported.

A study, commissioned from consultancy firm McKinsey and Company, said the workforce would need to be cut by 137,000 to meet efficiency savings by 2014.

It said clinical staff would have to go alongside administrators.

The report, recommends a range of possible actions such as a recruitment freeze starting in the next two years, a reduction in medical school places from October and an early retirement programme to encourage older GPs and community nurses to make way for “new blood/talent”.

The report was presented to the Department of Health in March this year, it carries the department’s logo and has been disseminated among senior NHS managers.

The study said £2.4 billion could be saved if hospitals with the lowest levels of staff productivity got up nearer the average.

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