Cochlear Implants

Yesterday I met Mr Hendricks who attended for a reassessment of his hearing. Prior to calling him, I read in his journal that has a severe sensory-neural hearing loss and wears Digital Super Power hearing aids. He is 33 years old.

Interviewing Mr Hendricks, I was surprised at how well he lip-reads, but more so, how well he speaks, enunciating high frequency speech sounds with ease and having near normal intonation. I learnt he is a tax accountant and his idiopathic hearing loss developed from the age of five stabilising at the end of his teens. Even though he functions at such a high level (giving his degree of hearing loss), he currently finds conference calls with foreign clients very difficult and his hearing loss is having an increasing negative impact both professionally and personally.

We discussed cochlear implants and apparently thought the invasive procedure of “destroying the cochlea” sounded too aggressive when he investigated it a good few years ago. He therefore never pursued the idea. My own knowledge of cochlear implants are somewhat rusted but I told him the basics as well as the fact that research indicates the enormous success of it. I stumbled upon this short youtube video which I found quite useful to explain the basics.

I have referred him for a full assessment and only time will tell about his candidacy and whether he indeed will decide to proceed with surgery. Personally I do hope he has the implant as I believe it will prove life changing to him in the end!

Dezi Belle

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